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For Every Cannaisseur and every first-timer.

Each Cannabis brand is crafted as an expression of culture for those who abide. Each caters to a diverse array of tastes, knowledge, and lifestyles. From the discerning terpene obsessed to the newbie looking for sleep or just a little adventure, there's a brand waiting to be discovered for every individual.


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Portals are a first-of-their-kind tablet that combines a distinct assortment of cannabinoids and terpenes with delectable fruit and herb extracts, to assist in curating your mood.

With ODT, active ingredients allow for faster absorption and onset than traditional edibles absorbed gastrointestinally. The tablet is crafted to deliver consistent dosing and control with splittable tablets for convenience and portability in a dosage that dissolves in your mouth.


After a successful initial launch in Ontario, the product gained acceptance across Canada and paved the way for the expansion to include a wider range of products. This expansion has enabled the brand to cater to a more diverse audience and offer them a variety of products to meet their needs. In 2024 we introduced Hi-Bursts, a fruit chew variation.

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Portal's Max now offers a max strength tablet that satisfies market demand with a blast of flavor. With 4x the strength of the original tablets these powerful blends allow even chronic users to enjoy at an afforable price.


Brand Strategy and Identity, Packaging, Web design, Marketing, Point of Sale, Animation, Writing

For wanderers, adventurers, & cannaisseurs. We want every session to be better than your last, so we focus on growing experience to deliver meticulous plant-by-plant attention. Science, Retail, and OG Smokers working together to curate our favourite products for newbs and canasseurs alike.

Creative Collaborators: Joel Yatscoff