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Music Release Visuals


With Monstercat I was responsible for

4000⁺assets annually

250⁺releases annually

3 labels

Visualizing releases 


Making anything memorable is about triggering multiple sensations to recall when you think back about how it made you feel. From music videos, Instagram filters, and VR experiences, lyric videos, video games, and short-form content, a release needs audio and visuals to sync up to create a lasting memory. At Monstercat I was able to enjoy all parts ofcreation for our various artists including creative direction, management, art direction, treatments, storyboarding, animating, illustrating, shooting, and editing. 


Shaq is

DJ Diesel


Featured Artists


Brutal Beats 


Sullivan King has become a standout figure in EDM by seamlessly blending heavy metal and electronic genres. His unique fusion of metalcore guitar riffs, intense vocals, and electronic beats has garnered widespread appeal, bridging the gap between metal and EDM communities. Known for electrifying live performances, Sullivan King's boundary-pushing productions and raw energy have left an indelible mark on the evolving sound of contemporary electronic music, showcasing the interconnectedness of different musical styles.


Sullivan King