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EZRA is a global coaching platform for both executives and front line teams. Companies such as Kraft Heinz, Mcdonald's, Nestle, and Coca-Cola use EZRA for its constantly evolving approach and data driven results.


Coaching as a service is not well understood so our relaunch focused on performance and EZRA's amazing coaches to show it's value.


Offered globally in more than 10 languages EZRA's demand and content is ever evolving making it imperative to implement a scalable Design system and Headless CMS to centralize all efforts.


EZRA Headless CMS and brand relaunch by Thrillworks & Cossette

ACD: Aaron Chown Writer: Nicole Alchin UI: Shafaq Fatima, Divya Nagpal  UX: Marel Van Beilen


EZRA believes that coaching must be accessible to everyone, not just executives. To ensure this we focused on helping HR Managers understand the benefits coaching could bring to their organization. It's never a one size fits all solution so it was imperative to get them meeting coaches and playing with the platform as quickly as possible.  

Since the launch of their new brand and website EZRA has been engaging with a larger network of Clients than ever, ensuring that tomorrow's leaders are coached and not hired.

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